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Make Viral Marketing a Science


Web stores, electronic distribution, print on demand, and CD production channels are now accessible to anyone, but marketing remains a challenge, particularly for creative and niche products. Even established businesses face major obstacles reaching buyers and monetizing content.

There is no shortage of web traffic, but how does a business, crafts person, designer, musician or author leverage that traffic to reach their potential audience? Viral marketing is haphazard. How many people saw your ad? Did they notice it, let alone read it? Web advertising alone is too crude to reach distributed markets for specialized products and genre specific projects.

How do you find your audience? According to recent estimates, there are over a trillion web pages on the Internet. Search engines are designed to return millions of results in seconds, but many are not relevant and if you add too many keywords to refine the search, they return zero results. Rave Marketing’s patent pending software brings web searches to a new level using collective intelligence and natural language algorithms, finding Online Communities of Interest that can help your product reach less obvious but important markets.

Rave Marketing’s participative promotional model then spreads the word within these Virtual Communities and Web channels. Rave Marketing also goes beyond traditional search engine optimization, integrating your entire web presence including social media to move you up the search rankings.

Rave Marketing can design and implement your integrated online strategy, and our unique software focuses your efforts, providing you with the information to find the people that are already looking for you. Whatever you do on the Web, Rave Marketing can help you do it better.